Ski workshop

From Ski Time we think that the maintenance of the material in good condition is important, for this reason, we alone, wax and edges to the skis of the seasons. We have a workshop in La Pobla de Segur and melt. If you are in the province of Barcelona, you can leave the skis during the week, and later, in a week you will have your skis finish, though usually between 2-3 days.

In the case of La Pobla de Segur, if we leave the skis Friday night or Saturday, Sunday are you finishes (as long as you don't have saturation).

In the Blog Ski Time (cast) will teach you to do it and i'm running out of recording it in Catalan on Gerard Rosell.

I know that some of you will wonder, but how is it that there is so much difference in price? Very simple, we made by hand and the material we buy in price almost cost.

Send us a whattsapp to the next road and let us know that we can put your skis ready;). Or contact us through the following mailbox:

 whatsapp-4in607,821,266 Gerard


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