Port Ainé Ski Resort

Port Ainé ski resort is located in the town of Rialp, in El Pallars Sobirà. It has a total of 21 tracks of downhill skiing. Of these, there are 7 green, 2 blue, 6 red and 6 black. Mechanical lifts, it has 2 draglifts, 3 chair lifts and 3 conveyor belts.

PIC de L'Orri Port Ainé Ski resort

PIC de L’Orri

The resort begins at an altitude of 1650 meters above sea level and reaches 2440 meters at the Pic de l’Orri.  The resort is characterized by being targeted to the North in large part. This fact guarantees one of the best qualities of snow in the Pyrenees.

Best slopes for skiing? Depends on your preferences. For width, the track Stadium is well worth. For beginners, all the West section of the ski resort is very well. However, if you are looking for difficult ski pistes, it will cost you to find them. Although It has several black runs, they are not very difficult. El Barranc de Comalforn is close and has pending, but not much exaggerated. By difficulty, the best is the Bosc of Comalforn. Recommended if you master short turns around and high level of skiing. There is also a route, Riu Sec, that has some difficulty added. When there is snow, it is a lot of fun and highly recommended.

The Snowpark of the resort is very well cared for. It has multi-level jumps. With freestylers residents who meet fairly. In addition, there is a specific draglift to use it and they offer ski passes only for it. Those who want to, can spend all day by jumping.

Port Aine Ski passes vary between 32 € in public fee and € 3 for veteran II and minor. For more information and comparison with ski resorts in Catalonia, enter in the link; Prices ski passes in Catalonia.

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