Learn to ski

Ski classes are a key way to learn how to ski. Nowadays there are many alternatives, both in person and online. Today I want to faith an introduction to know how to ski in the snow.

To learn how to ski it needs to make excercicis like this.

Exercise of Direct descent Alpine skiing

In the first image, sem can be seen performing an exercise Alpine skiing. It is based on the student already knows the basic position of the skier. If a case review:

-Semiflexió of the ankles, knees and hips.

-Slight tilting forward of the upper trunk.

-Hands separated from the body and forward.

-Look in the face.

Later, in a track with counter-slope (a plan of a green for example) we will make a direct descent (down in a straight line or diagonal) and we will be doing push-ups and extensions, to find the balance on your skis.




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Exercise to learn how to ski with a wedge heel

Ski classes Ali to make a wedge heel.

The practice of Alpine skiing above, gave us some tools such as balance in the snow, basic position and confidence. now touch one essential; Learn how to make a wedge heel.

The radio ad, is the divergent position of queues and allows us to reduce the speed on a downhill. We think that, Alpine skiing is a sport where we are always up in down from the mountain and therefore, we're going to be playing constantly with the earrings and directions to get to go the safer fast as possible. So, now we know because we do not like. It is for this reason that I will explain below. to practice it, stopped, we re trying to drag a first out, then the other. To understand the movement and reach it in stopped, it's time to try both legs at the same time in order to know the coordinate. That is to say, first of all a leg and the other, and then went on to perform the movement with the two limbs at the same time. Now that we have already achieved this movement stopped, it's time to try it out. We are wild mushroom spawn on a green track (with counter-slope!) and with the initial position in a wedge heel, we'll let us move to the snow slowly and with the help of pals. At first, it may not start, or on the contrary, go too fast. For this reason, you should, in the first case to reduce the opening of queues, and on the second increase since the bigger the triangle labase (blade) more resistance will cause in the snow. Finally, we must bear in mind that the opening of the blade must be accompanied by a slight inclination of the knees towards the inside.


How to ski with a wedge heel

Demo to learn how to ski.

Health and Good snow!

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