University of Catalonia Championships Alpine skiing-Snowfest Spot

University of Catalonia Championships Alpine skiing Spot Snowfest

University of Catalonia Championships Alpine skiing Spot Snowfest

A few years ago that in Catalonia do not celebrate a University Catalonia Championships in alpine skiing, but this will be the first post-crisis.

The Catalan University Championships are an initiative of the institutions that aim to promote the sport among the students of our universities. Is in place from team competitions, such as football, rugby, bàsquetbol and many others. There are individual competitions, such as swimming, karate, running, etc. However, Alpine skiing is not seen in the last few years … For this reason, that among young, some graduates, we wanted to give a push to this initiative.

It all started about a year and a half, when we meet to talk about the Organization of a University can have in Espot ski. A station in that we skied the entire life, and that in the last few years, we had made of teachers and trainers. Even so, we tambñe we found that young people know or the University, or the same as is regional, which is currently studying in the universities of the country, do not have a lot of incentive to go up there. Thus was born the first Snowfest Spot in 2016. With 41 participants in the first edition, was a home with ski jumping competition career, barbecue, music and party at night.

In its second edition has some new features as they are that the race will be held in the stadium of Espot Esquí and in addition, will be part of the Championships of Catalonia University. A success in this regard, as they arrive at all the universities. In addition, it follows the model of last year with music to tracks, a BBQ, award ceremony and on top, a drop of antorxes the same Saturday. What will bring about a real après-ski of category. The Saturday dinner will be free, to find us all later in hard Rock, the main nightclub of Pallars Sobirà and one of the most crowded of Lleida. Finally, on Sunday we will finish with a hot chocolate and a layoff of all attendees.

We hope to be of interest to you!

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