Lindsey Vonn at the Oxford Union

Lindsey Vonn at the University of Oxford, where they have a habit of bringing personalities of society as a whole who have reached the highest places in his career. It is for this reason that lead to this former, has won two Olympic gold medals, world champion on several occasions. ..

He explains that for skiing, it needs a very complete physical condition; cardio, endurance, strong, explosive, agility. It goes far to run long distances, weights, core exercises, slackline.. With the working their feelings with the environment as well as to make the best in the sport that used to train.


Lindsey Vonn skiing

Lindsey Vonn skiing

"Lindsey Vonn: the competition in the world of skiing is much more expensive than other sports."

The problem of competition skiing is that it is very expensive, it's not like golf, you can go on to train. You need to have a good clue, 5 members of the team with me. .. Many Europeans train to glacier, and I do not like. In the summer we lose a lot of time climbing tracks, I'm not a girl early, and not enjoy it.

This year, for example, no longer has made the field. Try to save energy and your knees for the rest of the year. Let's say that you can no longer do more. Usually does a routine before each race. What is more difficult is to maintain a proper diet, etc.

For women and for girls, it is easier to choose sport as they ripen earlier. The important thing is to try as much as possible for sports to choose the one you like and that you can be good. For example, tells us that in all other sports was horrible, but in skiing was feeling very well.

Discuss also what is a planificadora, the first thing that I asked at the hospital, while I was injured, I was to know when I could start training. By this way, be able to set a goal and start working.

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