Baqueira Beret

The Baqueira-Beret Ski Resort is one of the best ski slopes in Catalonia. It is the station with the most skiable kilometres of the country. The majority of its length is in the Aran Valley. However, in recent years it has expanded to the Pallars Sobirà region with the Bonaigua. It has a total of 153 km of skiable slopes. That is to say, that we will need a few days how to finish them. A station with more than 50 years since its creation, completely private.

It is worth mentioning the huge offer the hotels, accommodation, restaurants, etc. A station that many times would make us doubt whether we are more quilts produced by countries. And the facilities are not left short. With 35 mechanical lifts to supply the thousands of acres of skiable slopes guarantee an excellent variety of ski slopes.


Ski map

Baqueira beret map of tracks

Baqueira Beret map of tracks


Prices in Baqueira Beret

Sometimes the reputation you earn. In this case, it is completely well-earned. The price of the Baqueira-Beret Ski pass, is one of the more expensive than you will find in the Pyrenees. And not need to go very far to see that to 49 € the day as a base, is extremely high. You can compare the prices in ski resorts in Catalonia. Even so, they have tails to the ski lifts, skiers will leave the skin to go there. What is the station that does not have the rest? Good prices in the hotels? Also, even though i have a lot of offer, this competes in high prices. If you look at booking a the best apps we will see tourism as the lowest price is € 70 a night per person. And if we go to the higher, 165 € per person per night. That Yes, we are talking about hotels of various stars.

I risk to say that its strategic position, facing towards the Atlantic Ocean, is very important. I mean, that in our country, there is only one other ski station with these conditions. We're talking about Tavascan, a station that receives metres of snow during the ski season but not so well known. Is more remote, far * capital region or of France by road. In short, that is the quality of snow, as the relevant environment.

Restaurants in Baqueira

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Food on the tarteria baqueira

It is difficult to rule out restaurants. Even so, looking and wondering, you can find outstanding options to enjoy your stay. For example one of the highlights for users, is the Baqueira Farm a place for family dinners. The prices range between 12 and 46 € per person. You can also highlight another restaurant, The Tarteria with very good atmosphere, welcoming and quality. Finally, the Ticolet, one of the restaurants with more history of the station. A letter varied, attractive and innovative. Complete card per person to € 38.5.

For more information you can visit their websites:

The Farm La Tarteria Ticolet



Ski schools

The offer of ski schools slope is also very great. And prices are so tender, so are. Start skiing in Baqueira can be a luxury. Since, given what we know, we will be difficult to enjoy it. The prices of the ski classes range from 49 € to 65 € per hour. Regardless of the ski group lessons starting at 26 €/h x 3 hours to 47 €/h x3hores. The most famous ski school Was school. With hundreds of ski teachers with experience, is more story. However, recently it has expanded considerably the offer of ski lessons. Therefore, we will make it easier to compare, even though in general the prices do not vary too much.


Prediction of time in Baqueira Beret

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How to get to the ski resort