How to start skiing in the snow

Start skiing in the snow is easy. In order to learn how to ski in the snow, you must learn about skiing technique, ski material and ski resort conditions.


Environment for skiing

The Alpine ski resorts have elements that characterize; are generally facing to the North in order to maintain the snow in good quality. Have a steep hill to the high ranging from 500 meters to near 1500 to the highest point.

At the same time, there are signs that mark the level of the tracks. (green-debut,blue- initiated, red-googleve, black-expert)Another important element, are the mechanical lifts. There are the ski lifts, the telearrossegadors, cable cars and arrossegadores tapes. When you start skiing, requires at least the use of the tape telearrossegadora. It is located on the slopes of debutants or green. Therefore, it is recommended in principle, if we have not made any kind of skiing do not put the material. Before we will need to do exercises to adapt the material.

Skiing techniques

Start skiing in the snow

Start skiing in the snow

In the beginning, when we start to move to the ski slopes, we need to adapt. For this you have to know the environment and the ski equipment. First trip without pending. Here for example we are trying flexion and extension in stopped in order to adapt to the material.

Also you will need to become Agile with skis; walking, using the sticks, make ladder to ascend and descend in. .. All of this is provided in the plan without pending.

Later, looking for a track with counter-slope, we can try to descend. A lot of account! Do not try if they are more than 10 meters and there is counter-slope. Don’t know how to slow down! It is always advisable, the first steps, do it with a teacher called Alpine Ski.

Skiing with a wedge heel

Skiing with a wedge heel

Then, when we have already made direct descent exercises like lifting a skiing, down with arms with various positions. We can try on stopped a wedge heel. The wedge heel is the opening of the tails of the skis with the slight tilt of the knees towards the interior. The tips of the skis are near. In this way we will be able to reduce the speed of the skis. And once again, in a space with counter-slope, we will make the test descend with the technical position.

Now follow the same procedure. We will practice various exercises with arms, combining pushups legs, sticks, etc. At the same time we also look for the improvement and maintenance of the radio ad. This can be done by playing with the opening of queues. Looking for more focused positions. Flex over the upper trunk.

All in all, we will have achieved a principle to start skiing in the snow. And then shall make technical progressions to acquire skills of balance, flexibility and many more that we will have to, over time, be great skiers.