Lleida-Alguaire airport to the ski resorts of the Catalan Pyrenees?

We are many that we saw starting in 2010 of the Lleida-Alguaire airport as an opportunity to get closer to foreign markets. The figures speak for themselves, but with lights and taquígrafs, we see who else is benefiting are the slopes of Andorra. And under no circumstances is your problem, we on the other hand, is a structural issue of our system of alpine ski resorts.

First, look at the number of passes sold by 2015-16:

With this data (missing update Masella and Spain) we can see how the 46% of the market in our country is of Baqueira Beret. But in addition, Andorra, has a higher number of passes that throughout Catalonia as a whole, a significant piece of information. Let’s compare at least the skiable kilometres of both;

Skiable kilometres Andorra: 392 km

Grandvalira: 210 km from Vallnord: 182 km

Skiable kilometres Catalonia: 498 km

La Molina: 61 km Masella: 74 km from Vall de Nuria: 7 km Vallter 2000:10 km from Baqueira Beret: 155 km from Boi Taull: 45 km from Espot ski: 23 km Port Ainé: 24 km Port del Compte: 50 km Tavascan: 4 km

However, these data well placed may seem misleading, bearing in mind that in the case of Andorra, are all located in what would be a vegueria in the Principality while here is distributed in more than 3.

But what does Andorra that do not have us? Because many relevant aspects that, just need to visit the main cities of the country and ask for the youth; Andorra has shops, low taxes for luxury goods, has a wide offer of restaurants, has a good after-ski, has the magic to be a country in the midst of the Pyrenees … The fact that we could also have but you need the joint effort to achieve it.

Thomas cook nielson baqueira beret information

Thomas cook nielson baqueira beret information

All this history, why? To understand why the company Thomas Cook and Neilson, of the 25000 skiers who took him to the airport in our House, only 200 chose the destination resort of Baqueira Beret. And yet what is a station that has a very good brand all over Spain, but by what you see, don’t have enough around the world. We must also see that the effort of the company to have updated the website with the features of the station appears to be low, since for example put that the station has 120 km of pistes, while one of his strengths, among many others, is to have both 155 km from how to keep a quality of good snow for much of the season thanks to receive snowfall in the North. It should be noted, that to sell the tracks as in Spain, it can also lead to confusion as someone who has traveled and been with Europe, it is clear their puzzlement when the highlight that belt to skiers in the country. That is to say, it needs, education, but education aimed at explaining that we land on the beach during the summer, and during the winter. In fact, taking advantage of the circulation of the first line of the sea and of the cultural attraction, it may be a good time to teach lis which we also make out to serve Sangria, paella and be good architects of day and night. You can enjoy white days under the Sun, that if, you will have to put cream you already know all the meats of the foreigners. 

In addition, it would be necessary to know precisely how many of the British citizens who come to sightseeing, have a high purchasing power, taking into account that the Gatwick Airport is known for being the base of the low-cost companion because it is located 48 km from the capital, despite having a total of 34 million passengers annually, would be fine also think big in Heathrow Airport as the 70 million passengers per year and 22 km from the capital.

Finally, it is necessary to know if the orientation of the responsible for the negotiations that are taking place right now, “also committed to promote the stations with less volume of passes sold in the years but many times more authentic and nearby that can provide a qualitative treatment to foreign users. That if, it will be necessary to work fiercely on the training of the personnel of the seasons as well as in the regions to be able to attend as it should this tourism that does not speak or Catalan and Spanish.

Source: La Vanguardia airports in London Aeroports de Catalunya Department of Territory