Catalonia, a finalist in the Snowkidz Awards 2016

2016 Snowkidz Awards, an event that rewards the initiatives for the promotion of Alpine skiing in the world has chosen from among 15 countries, "the program SPORT SCHOOL WHITE" as a finalist being possible that to come to one of the top 3 projects.

For those who don't know, the program will start in 2013-14 with 5 142 schools students and 3 counties, is promoted by the Catalan Council of sports and the Catalan Federation of winter sports in three seasons, has had a growth of at least 600% in students, going on to a total of 851, 22 schools and 9 counties involved. This program gives a first experience in winter sports in a 85% of students. The activities that are released are alpine skiing, snow boarding, as well as introduction to Nordic skiing and ice skating.

We are waiting for the updated data to see first hand how it is carried out as well as the end result on June 10, 2016.

Link to Snowkidz Award Finalists in 2016.

Ski School video White Sport program